We are proud to be able to provide the ability to assess and make independent craft recommendations to all of our Paddlers.

Each craft , model and manufacturer has a ski that is perfect for a certain paddler or set of circumstances. Not everyone wants or needs a high end racing machine, we can assist in providing unbiased, independent recommendations for brands such as Vadja, Fenn, Epic, Stellar, Think, Carbonology and Nelo.


So what is with the BIG NELO logo ?

Well, we have a strong relationship with Nelo, we provide alot of design feedback and they provide a good relationship with us when we come to purchase our own boats. Rest assured thou, that the even bigger logo of Performance Paddling is exactly what we are first about. We have no hesitation on suggesting paddlers try another brand. Or most common recomendation is the FENN SWORDFISH for instance.


We have just paddled the all new 560's from Nelo and follow the link to the detailed First Impression Review of the Nelo 560 mark 2.


New Nelo 560



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